How can I help?

Submitted by befrank on Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:36
  • There are expenses associated with building and running the BeFrank so we've created a transparent-by-design collective over at if you want to contribute.
  • A currency is nothing without a community that legitimizes it so join the conversation in the community over at (please note: currently a Closed Group while in experimentation phase).
  • For the hardcore crypto fans please see the technical depth in all its glory over at the Github

Ideas to participate in the BeFrank community:

  • tell your friends about this initiative
  • run a miner
  • add documentation:
    • what is befrank
    • what is a wallet
    • what is a miner
    • how do I send BeFranks
    • how do I receive BeFranks
  • set up enthusiast communities (on linkedin, twitter, facebook, ...)
  • talk to the press
    • need a press kit
  • organize enthusiast events
  • share more ideas
  • help craft the pitch at
  • ...

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